What we do

We offer one wedding cinema package with the option of customization.

Our package includes:

9 hours of cinematic coverage:
As every wedding timeline is different, the number of hours required to capture your day depends on several factors.  We can help you schedule optimal timing to ensure the perfect account of your day.  You may customize and extend the number of hours to fit your specific needs.  In general, we like begin coverage just before the bride finishes her makeup.  This is when we capture details and all the fun of everyone getting ready.


Your wedding film:

Our mainstay,  ~4-5 minute “highlight” film is the perfect length to capture your wedding; all the love, joy and happiness. This is a cinematic, meticulously edited film that you can share with all your family and friends.

Two filmmakers:
We feel that this is optimal for delivering a magnificent wedding film. All of our cinematographers are highly experienced and incredibly skilled in their craft.  Having two filmmakers allows us to not only be in two places at once, but to cover multiple angles during the first look, ceremony, speeches etc.


Your documentary edit:

This is a full narrative of your wedding day so that you and your family can relive the day for years to come. You’ll receive a 45 min – 90 min film of the day’s events. Length depends on what happened during the day. Here’s where you’ll get your first look, ceremony, first dance, speeches etc.


We pride ourselves in doing all our editing in house.  This ensures that every film we produce lives up to the quality you expect from Hidden Light Films. Every film is personalized to custom music and crafted carefully and purposefully, capturing the unique feel of each wedding.

Every film includes colour-correction, audio-sweetening and is delivered in High Definition on USB thumb drive.

Who we are

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creative director

Ezra’s films have screened worldwide, theatrically, on television, airplanes, on the web and just about any place in between. He married Shayna in 2007 and they lived happily ever after – until she realized that he didn’t hire a proper videographer for their wedding because he thought he would just get a buddy to film it and then edit it himself. Shayna has still not forgiven him for that and as cosmic repentance Ezra founded Hidden Light Films to save other men from his horrible fate. Oh, and he’s won a bunch of cinematography and filmmaking awards along the way. 

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executive producer

Still unable to forgive Ezra, Shayna spends most of her time pinteresting, baking ridiculously cool looking cakes, looking great in photographs and being an all-around fun kinda gal. She gets joy out of correcting Ezra’s spelling mistakes, hates when people improperly use the word good when grammatically it should say well. As is: “Ezra doesn’t know how to spell very good,” and always thinks she knows better than Ezra; which she does, but that’s not the point.



Now that you know all about us, We look forward to getting to know all about you. Send us an email telling us all about yourselves and your wedding. We’d love to see how we can work together.

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