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April 14, 2015

The best fairy tales start with “once upon a time”. But that’s a bit too cliche for us. So one beautiful fall morning, a beautiful princess named Kaylee woke up, her golden hair strewn across her pillow, ready to marry her prince, Jon. The sun was shining. The breeze blowing just so. The air was crisp and fresh as you could only get on an early autumn morning. She put on a delicate gown of white lace and arranged her wavy locks just so, hoping her wedding videographer would catch it all.

Toronto Wedding Videographer

She put on her glass silver shoes and strolled upon the leaves hand in hand with her betrothed while the lovely Storey Wilkens caught it all on camera.

Meanwhile a deer pranced in the meadows and the birds sang a sweet song of love.

Ok this is going a little too far, even for us. Sorry about that. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Toronto Wedding Videographer

The pair were married in the dramatic Beth Tzedec Synagogue in Toronto, catered by the wonderful Applause Catering.

Toronto Wedding Videographer

The love could be felt everywhere in the room. Tears and smiles filled the sanctuary. No we’re not being sappy here, it’s the truth. You couldn’t help but be moved by the emotion that radiated from this couple.

The details in the wedding were impeccable. The amazing Lianne Adelson of the Event boutique planned a flawless evening.

Toronto Wedding Videographer

Working with such a caliber of vendors makes our job so much easier, and well, way more enjoyable. As a wedding videographer we like to stay out of the way, capturing those organic, candid moments on film. We don’t like posed shots. We like to stay out of the photographer’s way. Basically, the bride and groom shouldn’t even know we’re there. When we work with other vendors who have the same mentality, the result is seamless. The bride and groom get to experience their wedding day as it unfolds. And we get the raw emotion and the best shots.

When I said fairy tale, I truly meant it. We wish Kaylee and Jon their happily ever after.


Event Planner: Lianne Adelson
Photography: Storey Wilkins Photography
Band: Sole Power
Venue: Beth Tzedec
Catering: Applause Catering
Florist: Stemz

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