Nechama and Meir’s Jewish Wedding Video – Toronto, ON

March 30, 2015

Welcome to the story of the making of Nechama and Meir’s Jewish wedding video.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two for a very long time and when I found out they were getting married I was beyond thrilled. Crazy Excited. Super Happy. (Can I think of anymore 2 word descriptions?)

Anyone around can see the affection and true emotion that exist between these two. Though in the picture below Nechama is happy and Meir is, well, ridiculous. We can work with that! (just kidding!)

Nechama’s laughter was infectious. She was a giddy ball of joy. And I mean that. She was radiating excited energy the entire day.

Jewish Wedding Video Toronto

The positive energy continued with the crowd (yes I mean crowd. There were probably 600 people there!) A wonderful group of people came out to support the young couple in this step in their lives.

Jewish Wedding Video Toronto

(Can you find Ezra in the picture above? Yah I know, it wasn’t so difficult. Next time we’ll make it harder. Maybe we’ll play Where’s Waldo. Or Ezra. Whatever.)

Jewish Wedding Video Toronto

The reception was PACKED full of happy guests. Dancing was insane and the bride and groom must have felt the love in the room.

Mazel tov Nechama and Meir.


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