We don’t always blog, but when we do we post many wedding videos….

November 2, 2015

We really have been having an amazing wedding season. Thank you to all our gorgeous couples for trusting us with documenting your weddings. It’s been a privilege to do so! We’ve learned a lot already, and can’t wait to see what challenges we’ll be up against in the future!

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Weddings are fickle. You have to play that line of making sure everything goes perfect (which it really never can :D) while it being this immensely emotional event for the key players. We have to make sure we capture everything we need for the wedding video, but not be in anyone’s face. We need to stay covert, while being there all the time. Does that make any sense? I just confused myself…

Anyhoo…. (Ezra says that’s not a word. But I disagree. So I’m right.)

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We don’t have time to blog about every single one of the weddings we’ve shot, but that doesn’t mean that those couples aren’t close to our heart. We invest a lot of ourselves in creating a wedding video. We love to get to know the bride and groom, so that we actually have a connection to them on their wedding day. We then spend at least a week (or in some cases 2!) editing and finessing their video to perfection. There’s back and forth about music choices, where to be (and where not to be) during the ceremony. This is why we can only take a number of weddings a year. We don’t have the time to take more (and we won’t compromise on what we do just to be able to take more!)

We wanted to have a chance to share some of those wedding videos with you guys.

Elle & Chris:

David & Tiffany:

A special shout out to TJ Tindale photography. We were lucky enough to partner with him and his crew a few times this summer (including the two weddings above!) He likes to do crazy stuff, like breaking into abandoned warehouses. Check them out here!

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